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Product Spotlight: The Rhino Wallpaper

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

I thought it would be a good idea to give background stories to my work and let you in on a bit of the process to my designs.

The Rhino wallpaper is part of the 'Points of Nature' Collection.

I started this project during my honours project at university, taking inspiration from post-impressionist painters whilst trying to create my own style.

I looked towards painters such as Georges Seurat and Van Gogh for the pointillist style, but instead of using paint I chose to create the dots using a fine liner black ink pen (I have always enjoyed creating shadow/light in monotone, especially using pencil/a biro pen so thought this would be something different for me to try.

Henri Rosseau was the main source of inspiration for the subject matter of the jungle theme. I love his painted scenes of the jungle with the details of animals amongst the tall leaves, but again wanted to recreate this in my own style. I chose rhinos to focus on for this particular design and picked out my favourite leaf shapes from his paintings and redrew these using the pointillist drawing style.

Can you spot the leaves from the paintings?

I wanted to keep the busy feel of the painting when creating my pattern, so used the leaves to create a flow through the design. T

o keep the focus on the detail without overwhelming the eye, I chose to use soft colours like the muted green. (I originally had 3 colour-ways of this design - green, pink and white. Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing my original samples)!

And finally to add some extra dimension, a watercolour effect was added into the background layer - personally I love doing this as I think it can be a good tool to soften the design and add some extra interest.

The Rhino design is one of my favourites as I love the detail I managed to get on the rhino drawings.

I also created a lampshade using this design which can be viewed here -

Let me know what you think, should I make more product spotlight posts?

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