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Preparation is important to achieve best possible results. We recommend following the steps below.

  • Walls should be dry, clean and even.

  • Remove any old wallpaper and loose paint.

  • Roughen painted surfaces with sandpaper.


  • Walls can be cross lined using a good quality lining paper, but lining should be allowed to dry out completely before hanging the wall covering.

Pasting and Hanging

  • This is a paste the wall product. The wall should be pasted and not the back of the paper.

  • A good quality, solvent free adhesive – specifically for paste the wall non-woven papers should be used.

  • Paste should be evenly applied to the wall to an area slightly bigger than the width of the paper. Only hang one length at a time.

  • Once up, use a clean decorators brush or cloth to smooth the wall covering, working outwards from the centre to the edges to get rid of air bubbles.

  • No paste should be allowed to come into contact with the surface as paste can damage the surface. The company cannot accept responsibility for marks or damage caused by paste. Should any paste come into contact with the surface, it should be lightly sponged whilst still moist, using a clean damp sponge.

These are guidelines only.

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