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What is Non-Woven Wallpaper? And what are the advantages?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Now, you are probably wondering; What does this mean? What is non-woven wallpaper and how is it different to other types of wallpaper?

What does Non-Woven mean?

The name refers to the under or reverse side of the wallpaper that sticks to the wall. Typically, this backing would be made from fabric such as vinyl.

However, 'non-woven' is paper backed and made from a combination of natural and synthetic fibres. The same fibres which are used for making gauze, coffee filters and teabags.

The natural fibres usually consist of cellulose which is a substance found in plant cells which keeps the plant strong. The cellulose for non-woven wallpapers is obtained from wood.

The end result is a very durable material that resembles paper.

Ever since non-woven wallpaper was introduced about a decade ago, it has gained popularity with designers and quickly established itself as the preferred substrate (material/finish) of many wallpaper collections. When looking at the benefits of using non-woven paper, it is clear to see why.

Advantages of Non-Woven Wallpaper

It is easier to install and remove

- With our non-woven paper, the paste is applied directly to the wall instead of the paper. This makes it quicker and easier to hang as you don't have to deal with long strips of pasted and sticky paper. Wet paper is harder to accurately join and bubbles can form more easily.

Since non-woven paper is stronger, even when it is wet, it retains it's shape.

Easy to install and easy to remove. Gone are the days of scraping off old wallpaper that's stuck to the walls as non-woven is dry strippable.

It is breathable

The composition of breathable fibres means air can pass through and moisture isn't locked in-between the paper and the wall, eliminating the risk of mould forming.

During the 90s, panic over mould related illnesses became a hot topic and wallpaper gained a bad reputation. Wallpaper itself does not cause mould - however the old manufacturing of the substrate meant that the paper was unable to "breathe" (let air pass through) locking vapours between it and the wall.

Non-Woven addresses this issue, so no more concern!

It is more environmentally friendly

Non-woven paper contains no vinyl unless the wallpaper specifically has a PVC coating (which is mostly only used in hospitality environments). Vinyl manufacturing is very hard on the environment due to the chemicals released in the atmosphere.

Non-woven manufacturing has a significantly lower carbon footprint. It is not 100% natural since its makeup contains synthetic fibres but these materials are far less taxing on the environment.

In our case, water based inks are used. This is a kinder way to print onto the wallpaper as there are no harmful chemicals used compared to solvent based inks. Modern digital printing techniques also means there is no ink wastage.

We also use paper that has been FSC certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means the trees used to make the paper have been harvested in a socially, economic and environmentally friendly way.

It is dense and durable

The blend of natural and synthetic fibres creates a strong material that is tear resistant and can be wiped clean with a damp sponge. It is sturdy and long-lasting.

Need we say more?

Jardell Hill Designs uses high quality non-woven substrates, creating durable, environmentally friendly and designer wallpaper.

You can shop the collection here.

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