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A Warm Welcome and An Introduction

I would love to start this blog by saying hello to you and welcome!

Here is where you will find all sorts of updates; on products, on me, and on the business.

We will share behind the scenes, any exciting news or upcoming launches and fun facts or stories I think you will find interesting. I love taking in new knowledge and I would love to share with you!


First of all, an introduction!

Hopefully you can get to know me and the brand better.

Who are we?

- Jardell Hill Design is a new company run by (myself) Jardell Hill, a Design for Textiles graduate from Heriot Watt University in the Scottish Borders. After spending the first year exploring knitting, weaving and printing, I then went on to spend the next three years specialising in printed textiles – learning things like how to screen print, how to mix dyes, the different properties of fibres and fabric and how to use CAD software to aid design.

- During this time, I grew a particular interest in textiles for interior spaces alongside a curiosity on the industry’s impact on the environment. (Which is something that we take seriously and consider in our process).

What do we do?

- We create hand drawn, digitally printed wallpapers to add a flair of sophistication and imagination into your home. We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland – but our shop is online so we can ship to wherever you are!

What is our motivation?

- We have a passion for being creative and designing products other people will love and share excitement for. We encourage people to celebrate their home and personality through colour and pattern – Create an environment you are happy in; it will transform your whole perspective!

- We believe in being as environmentally friendly and ethical as we possibly can be and hope that you share this value too.

Thank you for being here and reading our first post.


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